The Quest For Jinn Star Piece.

Dasboro: The final seige.

Yeah, they're bad.

Ur was swept into the shadows leaving our villains to ponder what to do next. Ruman wanted to make sure he did his duty proper (so he could claim the credit back home). Mike and Ruman waited till night to sneak back into Dasboro to put out the fire at the Inn.
They took the long way around and when they found there were people in the rubble. Strangely clad men that were standing taking apart the rubble with heavy brass armor. It is extremely odd since the rubble from the inn was still on fire and probably would have cooked a human. One of the armoured man started to carry the rubble to the beach as the party approached the inn.
Ruman rode past the inn and swept the fire away with his mighty Frostbrand. It turned into an ambush. Four Brassmen plus Guards Jim and Bob. With the twang of Mike’s bow and the aid of Ruman they prevailed. In shame Guard Bob fled for his life after his friends brain exploded into pain as his memories were stolen..
Ruman and Mike rushed to the beach just in time. They put out the remaining fire and delt with the Brassman. Curiosity got the better of them and they examined their lasted conquest with the realization they their foe was hollow and had been sent by Venture.
They left Dasboro without another word setting their sites on Rusty Boulders!



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