The Quest For Jinn Star Piece.

Welcome to Dasboro part 2

Come by the fire!

We left off with Ur having MET the Mayor. Ur got tired after having MET the Mayor, so she decided to relax at the Inn. Ur with a kylix of everburning fire WARMED the Inn and two drunken pirates. The Inn is going to stay WARMED for a long time.
Sheriff Mike, after having encountered the Captain of the Blissful Misery earlier, decided to pay him a visit. But first he wanted to go by the Mayor’s house. Mike first MET with a butler in the library and then the Mayor’s wife. Before leaving Mike was BlESSED with a small chest of jewelery.
Mike went down to ship to talk business with Captain Willow. There he also encountered First Mate Emma O’tooli over a game of Blind Man’s Wager. Business was swift and everyone left happy.
Ruman got bold. He decided that could sneak away onto the Blissful Misery. But as he was slinking away he tripped and was easily spotted. Needless to say he was captured and trown into the brig of the Blissful Misery. Lucky for him a fire had started on board the ship (Thanks to Sheriff Mike’s amazing arrows). Ruman was able to break out of the brig and take back his Frostbrand without anyone noticing.
Mike and Ruman had a scuffle over the Frostbrand back at the station. Ruman BLESSED Mike with the Frostbrand an in turn was HELPED onto a horse that the town had BLESSED Mike with.
Ur, Mike and Ruman rode far out to the outskirts of town and camped for the night. In the morning Ruman used the Frostbrand to free Argon from his prison. Argon was overjoyed from being freed that he rewarded his saviors.
“There is an item hidden by the Heroes Of Venter. It could grant you an unlimited wish. The Heroes Of Venter split the peices up amoung their allies around the world. The ladies of Shatterhull Island might know more,” stated Argon.
“Do you know of the places where the Jinn Star Pieces be,” asked Mike.
“It is known to be true that the Dalleek Cloyster was a close ally of the Heroes of Venter. Look there if you are faint-hearted. If you continue to put out the fires that bind my master and me, I shall continue to aid you,” Argon.



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